Welcome to Simple Natural Mama ~ the home for Christian moms who like things simple and natural.

I am so glad you are here! While we are getting to know each other...

My name is Katherine Newsom, MCD, MCPD, and I run Simple Natural Mama, a home for my writing and doula business.

As a trained birth and postpartum doula, I've learned and studied a lot about birth - And I am here to share that wealth of knowledge with you! Education is so important in any season you are facing, as well as learning to be your own advocate for your own care, or finding other professionals who can fill that role as advocate for you --- This is where a doula comes in!

I do not take this lightly, and am honored you are considering me as your doula. I serve mothers and families in the Seabrook/League City/Webster area of the gulf coast of Houston, Texas; I also now offer Virtual Doula & Coaching Services - meeting you wherever you may live!which you can read more about here.

Per my training and credentials, I provide the following services to expecting and new mamas:
  • Birth Doula
  • Postpartum Doula
  • Virtual Doula & Coaching
  • Childbirth Education
  • Breastfeeding (Lactation) Education
  • Postpartum Belly Binding
  • Herbal Consultation
  • Essential Oil Safety Consultation
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Listen To The Podcast

Are you an expecting mother or birth worker who is also a woman of God, and wants to find a biblical perspective on birth?
Are you interested in learning about birth from someone who actually works in the birth industry, in this current generation?
Are you simply curious about learning more about pregnancy and birth from a faith-based perspective, whether it’s for your growth or to be able to better relate to your mama friends?
I’ve hosted the Chosen podcast just for you. Just click the logo below to find all of the transcripts, where to listen, and additional supplemental materials.

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