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As a birth and postpartum doula, childbirth and breastfeeding educator, avid observer of life and mother of 2, I know a few things about walking through pregnancy and motherhood, while seeking to mend your experiences to your understanding of faith. And I am here to share what I have learned with you.

If birth seems overwhelming and like a mystery to you...

If you need more practical and spiritual help on how to prepare for postpartum from someone who has grieved, and learned from the unexpected...

Then let me help you!

Through my book, courses, articles, and more, I am here to guide you as you seek to remedy your faith with your views and experience of birth and postpartum;
as you seek Christ-centered encouragement amidst the daily throes of motherhood;
as you learn and grow in your understanding of faith and life and the choices you make for your family to have a better, healthier, safer tomorrow;

Let's walk this road together.

Birth services

Are you pregnant and seeking the support of a doula? That is my specialty!

As a certified birth and postpartum doula, childbirth and breastfeeding educator, and placenta specialist, I am here to meet your need of informational, emotional, physical support, while encouraging you to advocate for your needs/desires, and reinforcing your own familial support during this life-changing experience of labor and birth.

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Thank you for being patient as I update my packages and plan add-ons to better serve you!

About the book

Birth isn't something that just happens to you, rather, it is an invitation from God to bend your heart toward Him as He creates new life within you. 

+ what it means to be chosen for childbirth
+ why this transforms your understanding and experience of pregnancy, labor, and postpartum
+ how knowing this invites you to share your story
+ what effect this has on your experiences through loss and grief
+ why this understanding causes you to lean into your village
+ how all of this affects your understanding of birth in the Bible and today

Chosen is written to redeem the fear-based cultural understand of labor and replace it with purpose and truth rooted in God's word; Because of Christ, you truly can celebrate your part in God's design and embrace your purpose in the season - no matter the type of birth.

The concept of birth in the biblical narrative is a powerful illustration which can transform your view of God and shed light on how He dwells within and around us; how He chooses you, and how this enriches your views on your own birth experiences and faith.

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In Chosen, we will explore:

what others have been saying


The battle for life starts in our communities, not our government...

It is estimated that there are 3,500 crisis pregnancy centers in the United States, and only 1,800 abortion clinics in operation. Yet why are we not hearing more about the life-giving (quite literally) work which the crisis pregnancy centers do, the communities with boots on the ground, rather than headlines about abortion "rights?"

Today, the topic of abortion is all over the news - notably for the pending nomination and hearing of a new Supreme Court justice, who unashamedly values life: Amy Coney Barrett. But even before this came to be, organizations such as March for Life, Live Action, and the Stand for Life movement, have long paved the way for the truth to be made clear, and to advocate for the most vulnerable among us.

Yet there is still more to be done. Because while legislation and awareness can be monumental, it's not everything. Because long before a woman may seek an abortion, she is your neighbor, your friend, your daughter. She lives in your community, goes to your grocery store, attends your church, frequents the beach or park by your house. She feels like there is no where else to turn. But what if there is?

For the battle for life starts in our communities, not our government.

It starts with us - with me, and with you. With her neighbors, and friends.

This little booklet isn't about politics; it's about biblical truth on the sanctity of life: the veil behind the conversation, seeing the value of life in everyday life, and steps to take our convictions and God's truth further in tangible ways within our own communities.

Join me as we seek to uphold God's truth and design of life in the womb, and share it gracefully with our neighbors, friends, sisters.

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(a mercifully short narrative on the topic)

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