Is Your Mind Growing Flowers or Weeds?

Have you ever heard the phrase “your mind is like a garden and your thoughts are like the seeds, you can grow flowers, or you can grow weeds”? Well that’s what I think of when I remember wandering through the Carlsbad Flower Fields while we lived in California years ago.
It’s a beautiful thing: when you plant a garden, you are believing in the promise of tomorrow. The same concept can be applied to our thought life too: when we allow a thought, whether positive or negative or life giving or what, we are (many times without realizing it) believing it has power to shape us… and we cultivate these thoughts by giving them space.. and water them by mulling it over… and these thoughts are sown like seeds into our thought life, inevitably infiltrating every fiber of our daily life. This is a good thing… or sometimes not.
Are you growing flowers, or weeds, in your mind? It’s quite a concept, to think of it this way, isn’t it?
I want to believe again that a garden is a promise of tomorrow, a belief that a bright new day will come, growing flowers (or produce). Instead for so long, I’ve allowed weeds to grow. And it’s been hard fighting them off. Many days I didn’t even realize they were there, because of feeling STUCK for so long, utterly lost.
But If you don’t take the time to de-weed and just let it be, fairly soon your pretty flowers will be eaten up by those pesky weeds. It’s time we take back the gardens of our minds and take control of our thought life: those weeds have no place in the promise. It’s time to take our thoughts captive to Christ! Because when we plant a garden, we are believing in a new day, in faith.
And some times, just the promise of a new, good, day, is enough to keep us pressing through the mess that life can be.. believing in a better tomorrow.. and the faith to get us there????

~Katherine Newsom writes at A Simple + Natural Life

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