Post-Storm Skies

Have you ever thought, seriously thought, about the colors of the sunset you see each night? Well, the colors of the sunset result from a phenomenon known as scattering.
Essentially, particles in the atmosphere change the direction of light rays, causing them to scatter. Scattering affects the colors of the light coming from the sky – the details of which are determined by the wavelength of the light and the size of the particle.
Depending on the position of the sun and how scattering is involved, you get anywhere from a red, orange sunset to a purple pink sunset. Factors such as storms and pollution affect this, also.

But oh, those storms. Those storms challenge the norm. We expect the normal everyday orange sunset… then a storm hits, something in the atmosphere shifts, and this purple sunset comes into view.
At first, we’re surprised. Maybe it’s even denial. Anger, even, that a different painting than we wanted to, would cover the sky tonight and appeared there, instead. (But we forget Who the Artist is)
And we can see that even though it wasn’t expected… something like this, that changes the trajectory of expectation so drastically, which may only happen every once in a while… but we see that ultimately the purple pink sunsets can be beautiful, too.
This, my friends, is where I’ve been lately. Life is never ideal, is it? Sometimes we feel so scattered by the circumstances and storms of life, that we fail to see the promise and good and hand of God working in all the mess, right in front of us.
But perspective is a choice, and your impending action is a choice, too. And through the storm, each sunset still brings a new dawn, a new day.

Move forward into it intentionally, and have faith in the One who will never let you fall from Him. God is always there, even when you can’t possibly think to see Him. When it feels too hard, that’s when we are to press into God even more. Even just a whisper, as that’s all I’ve been able to muster during the storms, even simple whispers are leaps of faith and trust, and our faith is honored by Him. He sees you in the storms, and walks you through them, too. Never forget that.
Even though light has to scatter seemingly out of place for a sunset, oh, especially the different colors of the post-storm-skies, the act ends in a beautiful painting in the sky.
And remember, as Christians we have unshakable faith in the Artist who created the masterpiece ????
⛈????I promise, it gets better.

~Katherine Newsom writes at A Simple + Natural Life

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