The Reality Behind Crafting The Life You Want

Last year when I really tried to get back into my blog again, I wrote a post I titled “Crafting the Life We Want,” with this photo I took one slow morning, and added a quote from becoming minimalist.

And I seriously loved it- being all into that downsizing, tiny living, simple days on the farm and land kind of life. I’m still all for that- I mean just look at the new title & tagline of the new site that’s soon to come. But still, things look a little different… because, well, life happens.
It may not always go as planned, but with intention, life could go better than just one which we tolerate, go through the motions. And it’s a really simple concept, truly. We have to give up some things- and keep our faith and integrity in check, of course.
With all of the storms of life lately, I’ve been silent for some time. Life feels so complicated, especially so when things don’t go as planned. We try so hard to just do the next right thing, and still the tornado leaves a ruckus behind, and the damage control never ends.
Sometimes it’s stuff holding us back, relationships going differently than we ever imagined, feeling severely misunderstood and stuck and lost, or maybe it’s just us forgetting why we are here doing what we do in the first place.
When those storms happen, you feel scattered, question reality or even convince yourself of a false reality, looking through a cloudy lens with a splatter of mud around the edges, and it’s not a pretty sight. No one wants the mess, if we’re honest, here.
But the mess is where life happens, where we either choose to be a victim, or choose to grow to be the best version of us in our current reality, with faith. And that’s an intentional decision every one of us must make.
And this is where the quote comes in: to move forward and through the messes of life to create the life you want, the one you’ve dreamed of, you have to give up some things. The stuff in your garage, overdue bills or taxes, the TV that takes up too much time.. or maybe it’s a change in your current trajectory. Move into a camper, move cross-country, join that new church home or bible study or homeschool co-op, chase that job or dream some how, some way… whatever “it” is, well, only you know that.
And what if you spend less time chasing things, and in turn more time is spent with your people, more time is spent digging into the Bible and learning God’s truth about us and life… about Jesus’ heart for us, meeting us in the mess, here and now, no agenda attached?. The broken become beautiful. Isn’t that what we all want in life, is to be loved for who we are in our core, in our soul, not for what we have or own or do?
Crafting the life you want is about taking those first steps toward what that dream looks like for you, what your new reality you’ve only dreamed of is. Becoming unglued in the mess is the only way to be truly known by the One who sees all of you + move forward with intention and faith, and create a life you love ????

~ Katherine Newsom writes at A Simple + Natural Life

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