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If anyone has heard pieces of our story here and there, you may know that we live in a tiny house. Literally. I’ll share some more about that soon, but basically here is the story: we moved from -1600 square feet to 288 square feet, and nearly a year ago “upgraded” to 350 square feet total by way of an additional bedroom/laundry area for the boys. (All by way of necessity, a solution for a hard problem, not “hey this sounds fun!”)

That to say, while we aren’t experts or extreme minimalists by any means, we do know when enough stuff is enough, and are self-taught in the art of decluttering. Although there is always more you can take out and get rid of, as there certainly is for us, our household has significantly less stuff in it than it did before the move. Because of space, necessity, selling what we can, and keeping what we were using in our garage for storage (and getting rid of half of that storage), we have certainly pared down our belongings.

And while we were going through that process, Joshua Becker of becoming minimalist was a great inspiration. You may have seen his quote around here before, like the one about “Crafting the Life You Want” as a means to simplify and be purposeful in your everyday life.

And isn’t that what much of this site is about? Yes, it is. This is all about: Purpose and direction, geared for the natural minded mom and family , learning to live by faith and with purpose and intention.

All of this covers a a lot of areas, doesn’t it? When you start to make the changes – taking away what doesn’t bring you life, impact, etc – and being purposeful with what you do and say and have and spend time with – you begin to find your life again. It’s there, under all the noise and clutter. I promise.

The Minimalist Home is a “practical and purposeful guide to a decluttered, refocused home ”- but I’d argue it’s even more than that. In these pages, you will learn how these concepts ultimately affect telling your story with others, self confidence, sleep, anxiety, and everyday peace. Seriously.

One of my favorite parts is probably what was shared at the end, with action steps to go from dreaming to doing:

  1. *see the potential in yourself first: positive thinking is powerful. Our words and thoughts can either speak life or spread negativity. Which do you choose?
  2. *allocate your resources to the things that matter most to you: what motivated you to research minimalism and simplifying in the first place?
  3. *learn when to say No: to things and how you spend your time. Let go of what isn’t life giving.
  4. *nurture gratitude, grow generosity : when you don’t have too much stuff, you don’t want too much stuff. Less truly is more.
  5. *look for a greater purpose outside yourself : what are your passions? What opportunities and need can you meet when you aren’t held down by maintaining so much stuff?
  6. *get moving : we only make progress when we are moving. Little steps, are big steps, too.


Here are some quotes that I loved from this book:

“Just because you have the space doesn’t mean you have to fill it with stuff.”

“Never organize what you can discard”

“It feels better to do stuff than to have stuff”

“Today is the day to rid yourself of anything that distracts from your best life”

“Your home should be the antidote to stress. Not the cause of it.” Peter Walsh

“Less house, more home”

“Minimalism isn’t about removing things you love. It’s about removing the things that distract you from the things you love”

The Becker method is taught: learn how to keep only those things that have a purpose that aligns with your life purposes.

And the best one:

“Ask yourself what is really important and then have the courage to build your home and life around that answer”

I recommend this quick read to anyone and everyone looking for more purpose & a simpler life!

This isn’t just a guide on de cluttering room by room: it’s a roadmap to a peaceful life, the one , a life of purpose, the life you’ve always wanted.

The Minimalist Home officially releases December 15, but you can find it here on Amazon for pre-order today.


~Katherine Newsom writes at A Simple + Natural Life

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