Natural Remedies Aren’t God

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Natural remedies aren’t God.

I’ve thought about this a lot last week, especially as I have really gotten started with Simply Earth.

I have this book, Essential Oils Of The Bible, that’s really, incredibly good. God is the Ultimate Healer and has given us knowledge of both oils/herbs and modern medicine and He can use them both ❤️ 

I love learning of and going to oils and herbal remedies first, as He created them, but medicine also has its place, and that’s not a bad thing. 

If it weren’t for medicine I literally would not be here. The knowledge and technology that led to creating artificial heart valves and skill in surgery has saved my life four times. 

Being so far removed from it sometimes I forget. But I also know that I know my body better than anyone else and how my heart is supposed to work and feel and not, and that the doctors aren’t God.

I went through life for so long dependent on every word the cardiologist said, because I felt like there was no other option. Or maybe a better phrase would be, I placed more faith in the doctors than in God, for a status update of my heart. I wasn’t able to trust God to make his own timeline on my heart health and necessary intervention.

I kept thinking “Ok, it’s been 8 years, that’s when the doctor said I would need a tune up”- so during that time, I was so anxious that I asked to be put on medicine to manage and had appointments every three months (or less) rather than six and wrote down every little arrhythmia that occurred – not realizing that they were caused by my own stress and anxiety at the time.

I wanted to control my health, and I over-analyzed everything, rather than give it to God.

Once I started understanding the connection to my thought life (anxiety actually made heart issues worse) and how everything is connected and ultimately God is in charge (duh) then it released a huge burden, and I started to look for natural remedies and taking control of my thought life in prayer, instead of prescriptions. I noticed so many improvements. Maybe because I wasn’t actively thinking about it! And now the episodes rarely happen.

Yet if they do, they don’t scare me like they used to. Because I know Who is in control.

More recently, I had an episode after church a couple of weeks ago. I felt faint and light headed, my heart was racing to 5 beats per second, and I had to bear down and watch my breathing and pray through breaths for it to subside, as others prayed over me. And it did subside. (FYI: normal everyday is 1 beat per second)

I will never forget when we moved to the west coast back in 2013 and I saw a new cardiologist, and he just kept saying over and over “Wow. You are a miracle. I have never seen this before.” 

He learned about it in med school but seeing it in real life is something else – the specific operation and condition and how well I was doing. I was like his “case study” in a way, as he just let me talk about it and asked questions and had input here and there, but we were learning from each other – textbook experience versus real life experience. 

(I later learned it’s because of the amount of education he had in the specific type of defect, as he later referred me to a pediatric cardiologist who has 6x the education in that speciality)

All that to say, initially I was defensive when I saw these words because of everything herbal I’ve been learning recently, as I have started to dig deep into natural remedies God gave us, and to take control of my part in my own wellness.

Yet, He is in control of both herbal remedies and modern medicine. 

They each have their place. They each are avenues God can use for healing.

Yet, neither of them are God. 

God is the Ultimate Healer.

God can use all avenues of healing: herbs and oils, and modern medicine. As He has given us knowledge of both, which He created.

This doesn’t mean that either are less valid or useful or productive in solving the problem. But in all things, we give glory to God for healing. Because He created all things – what healed us, and He gave us the knowledge and wisdom to do so.

It is only by His hand, either by His creation (herbs and oils, known from the beginning of time) or the knowledge He gave people (modern medicine, which is only 200 years old) – not what we did in and of itself.

Yet neither of them should become our idol, and take the place of God.

Nor should they become our identity. Our identity is found in Christ alone.

And really, these words? 

I know this all too well. Just took time to process it. 

~Katherine Newsom writes at Simple Natural Mama

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  1. Katherine,
    I really enjoyed this. Glad to hear you say God works through both herbs and medicines. There are Christians who believe if you use medicine, your faith is lacking. How sad. Like you said,

    “God can use all avenues of healing: herbs and oils, and modern medicine. As He has given us knowledge of both, which He created. This doesn’t mean that either are less valid or useful or productive in solving the problem. But in all things, we give glory to God for healing”

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