For the New-To-Natural Mama…

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For the New-To-Natural Mama…

I get it.

This one life we get is overwhelming as it is, and now you made the decision to actively seek out education and research and make those informed decisions for your children and family for a better, healthier future.

You chose to ditch the toxic ingredients and processed foods with the added dyes, ditch the care products with the artificial fragrances and warning labels and history of recalls…

You want to do things right. You want to know the truth. What these “extra ingredients” do, how these companies behave, case studies that have followed the effects and warnings…or lack thereof…

You are looking for clean, pure ingredients when it comes to food and health and care products… from companies that have never had a recall! (Yes it exists!)

You want to consume what God gave us in nature, and use His creation (plants and herbs and oils) as your food and medicine (when applicable), not all the extra super-processed artificial stuff with the crazy side effects...

Back to the basics.

You are a New-To-Natural Mama.

There are certainly ways we can pick which elements of the “crunchy mama” life we want. It isn’t a one size fits all, it isn’t a secret club or a prestigious title to toot-your-horn.

It’s simply the very broad category that fits you best as you learn to make changes for your family toward a more natural, less “mainstream” life.

You want to know the WHY behind what you do, not just “follow the pack.” And it just so happens that this leads you to make more natural choices for your family based on the information found.

So here you are, New-To-Natural Mama.

And sometimes it can feel lonely.

You don’t know where to find all the information you need. What’s real and what’s hysteria or propaganda. You’re not sure what the company’s motives are or if it’s just “greenwashing.”

Then of course, finding a like-minded natural mama community of friends for support and fellowship and learning is a whole other story (for a whole other post).

You second guess your decisions a lot, especially early on. How do you tell? What do you look for, when you’re ready to dive into a more natural life in all areas?

You research.

You find companies to fully support because you fully trust them and how completely no-nonsense transparent and unashamedly honest they are.

They tell you what’s in their products, not what’s not in them.

This mindset shift is a big difference: ingredients-based, rather than “free of”-based.

And you learn how to read labels, how to look for ingredients and what they are. You are even reading labels so much in the store that your toddler asks you to read labels on the snacks he wants to get you to “approve.”

And before you know it, your toddler asks for “bee honey for my cough or “cinnamon medicine to help me feel better” and you love him even more when he says “make more elderberry syrup please mommy!

Y’all, last week my toddler was crazy about “green fries” – a healthy pea alternative to chips (known as Snapea Crisps). And it made me happy- because they are truly delicious and not junk food. I know he’s eating something that benefits his body and won’t give him tummy aches a few hours later.

Be honest: Why are we usually so quick to eat foods we know we will regret later because of how it makes us feel? Why wait for the New Years resolutions to “get healthier”..yet still never do?

There’s a better way. You can be healthier now. There are great natural options out there that make it simple for you. Companies that have done the legwork of figuring it all out. Wonderful, natural companies!

And I have found one of those companies. Enter Earthley.

Are you interested in getting started with natural options? Being New-To-Natural, it’s hard to know where to start. But Earthley has you covered, and I can help.

And I’m letting you know, if you’ve been nodding your head reading this, you have got to check this out…

Earthley has a BIG promotion this weekend for a “Natural Mama Must Have $1 Pack” …This pack is a $41 value of natural products for only a buck! ONE DOLLAR! CRAZY right?!

Here’s what it includes:
•1-oz. Feel Better Fast
•.5-oz. All-Purpose Salve
•Top 10 Herbs for Immune Support Magnet
•Illness Fighter Guide Download

So what is it exactly?

Feel Better Fast

This does it all. It works for pain, upset tummies, colds, fever, immune support. Plus it’s my toddlers special “cinnamon medicine,” a sweet flavor he loves.

All-Purpose Salve

This salve stick is perfect for minor cuts and scrapes, diaper rash, burns, and more. It works to soothe dry skin, sore skin, rough skin… you name it! It does it all. Calendula and chamomile are two key ingredients.

The PDF download and magnet are fairly self explanatory…So I’ll save time and just say they are must-haves!

This pack is just $1 and is only available from February 1st to February 3rd, Friday to Sunday, so if interested, get to it!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email me or comment below!

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~Katherine Newsom writes at Simple Natural Mama

  1. These look like great products for someone starting to look for natural, and clean products. Thank you for sharing this great deal!

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