Introducing Colleqtiv: The New Social Media Platform for the Natural Minded Mama

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But first: why does the world need a new social media platform, anyway?

Consider this…

Especially in recent months, it feels harder to find quality, natural-minded info on your favorite social media platforms and websites. Algorithms and policies of privately owned social media companies we use every day are constantly changing. And these things affect our access and way of finding information, too.

Us natural mamas want these resources to be able to connect with others who share some of the same values of us – access to learning and research about natural-minded topics and discussions. Some times, it takes some digging. It’s hard to hear with all the other voices. Where do you find quality natural-minded information, anyway?

This includes a wide spectrum of things, some of the hallmarks being: breastfeeding, natural childbirth, birth support such as midwives or doulas, baby led weaning, cloth diapers, herbs and essential oils, medical freedom, and much more. Interest in these and many more natural mama topics is growing rapidly along with the natural and organic market in general.

But there are some places natural minded topics haven’t been as reliable, as Google, Pinterest, and Facebook algorithims are continually changing and unpredictable. Which is all to say, it’s hard to find natural-minded information if you are looking for it.

Enter a new social media platform, called Colleqtiv.


Colleqtiv is a new site that’s built around having a natural-minded community and a place to share openly, without fear of censorship.

If you don’t believe me in that your favorite social media site are censoring information, just check out this article.

Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to worry about ever-changing algorithms when sharing your content or favorite things, and have open access to information and research on your own terms? 

Colleqtiv will be a hybrid social site that’s mainly focused on community and connection, but also on providing quality natural-minded information. The only one of it’s kind! There will be many communities where people can connect on topics you would like to learn more on: breastfeeding, healthy eating, homeschooling, homeopathy, babywearing, natural childbirth, essential oils, herbal remedies, what have you. In these communities you can also connect with influencers and follow their work. (P.S. I’m one of the early testers, and I’ll be leading one of these communities!)

Privacy is valued too: you are free to use your real name, screen name, or remain anonymous.

Learning is a way of life as a natural minded mama, and on Colleqtiv, this is no exception. Users can easily scroll through a “Learn” tab to find popular articles or search for topics… all giving quality, actually-natural websites that have more in-depth info. No more “greenwashing” out there – pure, natural ingredients straight from God’s creation, not a lab.

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, follow the links below to sign up and gain access to exclusive resources, and consider supporting the cause by buying direct from the company, Earthley, which is owned by Modern Alternative Mama, that is funding and starting this new social media site!

You can use your dollars to support those causes and missions you believe in… plus get some wonderful natural products in the process. In fact, there is a flash sale TODAY ONLY in honor of the founder’s birthday!

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If you’re not sure where to start, check these out:


  • Good Night Lotion, infused with magnesium to promote restful sleep, and lavender for calm, this is a smooth lotion that smells amazing and helps relieve headaches, constipation, leg cramps, and more (in addition to sleep!)
  • Nourish Her Naturally, the liquid herbal daily multivitamin for deeply nourishing support, providing hormone balance, natural energy, and more
  • Cod Liver Oil, a rich and natural source of vitamins A and D, as well as heart and brain healthy omega-3 fatty acids, this is a great way to give your body that extra boost in winter and at that first sign of sniffles
  • Electrolyte Powder, three simple ingredients that can be added to water with a twist of lemon, or any drink you prefer, for hydration in exercise or the occasional tummy bug
  • Elderberry Elixir, great for daily immune boosting and fighting sniffles naturally
Remember to CLICK HERE TO SHOP – to support small business, find a new herbal favorite, and support production of a new social media us natural mamas can get behind!

So… Want to know more? Interested in joining me there? Stay tuned for updates and details on how to join the Simple Natural Mama community over at Colleqtiv!

Colleqtiv is set to launch to the public in May 2019 as an app for your phone, and you can sign up for updates and an account here.


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~Katherine Newsom writes at Simple Natural Mama

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