Essential Oils + The Bible: An Introduction

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Essential Oils + The Bible

There’s been a lot of talk about essential oils lately, and if you’re a natural minded mama, you are probably already familiar with them and use them daily.

But did you know oils have been used since ancient times of the Bible, too? In fact, we use oils today in many similar ways than they were used in the ancient world, thousands of years ago.

Essential oils are mentioned nearly 200 times in the Bible, and specific practices or uses generally accompany it. Here are a few things oils have been used for…

  • to ward off infection (Mark 6:13)
  • to treat illness and wounds (Luke 10:30-34; Jeremiah 8:22; Balm/Balsam Fir)
  • to induce sleep (1 Kings 19:4-5; Juniper)
  • to cleanse homes and bodies (John 19:29, 39-41; Hyssop, Myrrh)
  • to honor a visitor (Luke 7:36-47)
  • to show devotion to another person (Song of Solomon 1:14; Camphire/Henna)

Think of it. We still do this today!

We use lavender at night for restful sleep; we topically apply oils for sore muscles, skin inflammation, aches and tension; we diffuse oils to welcome guests (or ourselves) in to our home; and we even gift oils to friends and family as something special they can add to their collection and care for a specific purpose.

Doesn’t it make it seem more real when we find a personal connection to a biblical theme or item or act?

One place oils are mentioned in the Bible is in a parable in Luke 10:30-34. This is when the good Samaritan had compassion on the traveling man stripped by thieves, and in turn “bound up his wounds, pouring in oil and wine…and took care of him.”

In this passage, oil is used to begin the healing process, and the man showed kindness and mercy by going to great lengths to serve the other.

This is becoming the hands and feet of Jesus in a hurting world: Using our knowledge and God’s gifts in nature to us, to show compassion and mercy to others.

God has provided the natural power of essential oils for our use in a wide range of applications, and He made it possible for our biblical ancestors to discover these natural resources in their own environments. (source)

Essential oils are healing and stand the test of time!

As you can see, the Bible says great things about oils and their use..and mentions them often..and even explains their impact.

God can use a simple oil (or anything truly) as a conduit for one of His followers to show love to another.

We would do good to ponder and learn about them… then to share what we’ve learned with others!


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So, what are some benefits to essential oils?

Essential oils are completely natural.

  • Most are steam distilled or pressed and contain the plant’s essence – I’ll get more into this in a post to come. But trusted companies provide only the purest ingredients found in nature in each bottle. To read more about the process of the company I trust, just click here.
  • Essential oils can bring peace, calm, and focus in a hectic world. 

  • The naturally occurring volatile organic compounds in essential oils have tremendous effects on the mind and body…The scents can clear your head and ease your mind. Lavender, accompanied with prayer, is my favorite to promote a restful and peaceful state in the evening.
  • Essential oils have a long shelf life.

  • When properly sourced and stored, essential oils have long shelf life of months or years. Seeing also that they can be used for healing, it’s a much better option to pick natural remedies when possible, as they don’t expire in “a year or less.”
  • Essential oils are affordable. 

  • Yes, that’s right, they are. The ones that are most common such as tea tree and lavender, tend to be reasonably priced. And if you buy your oils from Simply Earth, you cut out the middleman (i.e. from overpriced MLMs) and support a great cause and hardworking mamas, too. By working directly with the farms that produce the oils and processing in-house, the costs become extremely reasonable.
  • Essential oils are versatile. 

  • Each oil has many uses, and they can also be blended for a more powerful or direct use. There are many essential oil recipes to make anything from a tension relief roller to bug spray to a kitchen disinfectant!
  • Bottom line:
  • If you are a natural minded mama of faith, it would do some good to dig into essential oils and learn about the biblical implications and safety.

    Every time we open the word of God, there is something to learn and grow from… yes, even in learning of natural remedies He gave us in Creation!

    Check out these resources to learn more..

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    So tell me, do you use essential oils? Did you know about their uses in the Bible? What is your favorite benefit to them? I’d love to hear in the comments!


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    ~Katherine Newsom writes at Simple Natural Mama

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