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As a mom in today’s world, there is so much garnering for our attention, and so many opinions on how to be the best mom. And only so much time to be able to devote to our own passions or hobbies or being able to go to the bathroom alone and…well…you get it!

Can I let you in on a secret? You already are the best mom for your children. God placed them in your life at this time for a purpose. And doing the most important things that you need to do – taking care of your kids and yourself – filling your own bucket – is very possible – with a little help along the way.

We mamas thrive in community. MOPS groups, women’s bible study and fellowship, girls night out, crunchy mama groups and moms and tots playgroups. The same goes for mamas who write  – we need, crave, community!

And as a simple mama…well, we also like to keep things simple. Simple and easy-to-follow, everything right in front of you.

Just one place for your burning questions, needed how-to’s, professional insight, community with others doing the writing thing right along with you.  Is there such a place?

…What if I told you there is?

What if there was a place to gain knowledge and insight from professionals in this writing thing, while also gaining community we crave?

What if it’s possible to really make money doing something you enjoy, too? Even if it’s only enough to fund your oily habit, it’s something, right?

If you’ve dreamed about writing a book, growing your blog, or just getting your words from out of your head and onto the screen or paper, this is the member community for you.

Enter Hope*Writers.

One of the best ways to help you know what a new place is like is to hear from people who live there. Who are these people and what are they like? What have they learned and how have they made progress in their writing dream? You’ll hear about overcoming self-doubt, learning marketing, writing consistently, discovering your own pace, and the difference  writing community can make…

You can follow this link…

And I’ll share, too.

Since learning of and being a hope*writer….

  • I’ve re-launched my website

  • I’ve carved out regular time to write and read and feed my soul

  • I’ve created a landing page and started an email list

  • I attended a writers conference this spring and will be attending another in November

  • I’ve doubled my (tiny) platform and community

  • I’ve fleshed out two book ideas and wrote a one sheet for one of those

  • I pitched that one sheet to a literary agent and she asked to see the PROPOSAL!

  • I’m still working on the book proposal…but am making progress!

  • I’ve learned about websites to pitch and submit articles to, and have done so, with some NO’s…and some YESes, too!

  • I’ve joined many book launch teams, and have learned how to get free advance reader copies in exchange for a review…

  • I’ve made so many writer friends who just “get” this life.. and I can’t wait to meet many of them “in person” at the Hope*Writers conference in November!

  • I’ve met semi-weekly with a hope*circle accountability group of writer friends talking about our books and lives and writing and ideas and proposal progress

  • And I can say it because I believe it and know it and am… even if nobody else believes it… that I am a writer.

Hope*writers teaches you when you join that if you write, well you are a writer. Right?!

And I wanted to let you know that this opportunity closes tonight.

This is your last chance to join this monthly membership community to equip and encourage you in your writing journey. They only open doors a few times a year so you won’t have another chance to join until the Fall.

If you want to learn a little more and peek inside…read the manifesto:

In Hope*Writers we write meaningful words without sacrificing our meaningful life.

In Hope*Writers, we are still real writers even if we never write a book. 

In Hope*Writers, we build benches, not platforms.

In Hope*Writers, we don’t wait to write until we feel qualified, picked, or inspired.

In Hope*Writers we know how to hustle without losing our heart.

In Hope*Writers, we champion the success of other writers.

In Hope*Writers, we believe have a message to share and a reader to serve.

In Hope*Writers, we refuse to take our work or ourselves too seriously.

In Hope*Writers, we understand fear is normal, but courage gets the final say.

In Hope*Writers, we celebrate progress and take our next right step in love.

This is my favorite online writing community because they are dedicated to the success and creativity of each member. It is truly the friendliest place for writers on the Internet.

Not only that, but they know how to get some serious work done.

Every week, they offer live training for their writers, bringing members behind the curtain to ask editors, agents, authors, and other publishing professionals the questions you want to know.

Hope*writers provides the training and guidance you need to become a working writer without selling your soul or self-promoting. They are committed to giving you the tools and perspective you need to share your words without feeling like a cartoon.

So if you’ve ever wanted to write a book, grow your blog, or get your words out of your head and into the hands of a reader, this is the best place for you.

But again – hope*writers closes tonight for new members!

Check it out here to learn more and sign up – Today is the last day! The cart is open through tonight, Friday, at midnight.

If you’re not ready to take the plunge yet, no sweat. Here are some fun resources for you:

What do you think? Are you in a writing community? Do you see a benefit of doing life with other mamas who write, or do you prefer to go it alone and in charge?

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~Katherine Newsom writes as Simple Natural Mama

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