Dear Pregnant Mama, the Gospel Transforms Your Pregnancy

Dear Pregnant Mama,

Pregnancy can be so difficult and we can so easily forget just how amazing pregnancy is. If you’re feeling sick, discouraged, or down about the physical or emotional symptoms that so often come along with pregnancy, let me help encourage you.

How incredible is it to know that God entrusted a little person’s life to you? That He is molding a child, made in His image, in your womb? It is grace, and it is a miracle… That we are invited into the process of God’s creation, and we become the vessel for His miracle.

Pregnancy is that life-giving vessel, a nine-month journey and walk into a new reality for your family. The miracle is the little life in the womb – whose heart beats at just 14 days from conception, before we can even confirm a positive pregnancy test.

Life is beautiful, and new life is redemptive….

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  1. This is so good. I was not saved during my first pregnancy. Although I loved being pregnant and found it fascinating that God was growing someone inside of me, I had no idea how special it was. Looking forward to my next pregnancy when I can appreciate more that God is knitting together someone, his child, in my womb.

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