How To Make A Healthy Frozen Mocha (Because You Have Kids And Your Coffee Is Already Cold)

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This is fairly self-explanatory for us mamas, but I feel it needs saying, because a positive alternative to the epidemic of cold coffee for moms who needs a reset reaches far and wide.

Being a natural minded mama, I want a healthy version of the so-popular frappe drinks from local coffee shops. Something without the artificial colors, additives, and flavorings – with plant based ingredients I can pronounce.

Being a simple minded mama, I wanted something without all the hoopla of whipped cream and the urge to make it look Pinterest perfect. Something that was… well… Simple, to make.

Being a mom, I also wanted some coffee. I learned to love coffee back in middle school, and it’s been one of those ever-poetic journeys you blog about (and I did on my old site – years ago – ha!)

And today with little ones, I really just wanted a special treat to make up for myself when I was feeling down or overwhelmed, as a little tasty pick-me-up of sorts, while we all take a break to watch Superbook and listen to Bethel Kids worship.

So here I landed – a healthy frozen mocha recipe, something to make because you want one, you want to be economical and make it yourself, plus your coffee is already cold. You have children to care for and feed, and… you get the idea, don’t you, mama?

YEAH – We all have those days!

So why not do something for yourself and make a tasty, healthy treat – a plant based alternative to all the artificial stuff out there trying to get our attention – and end up making our bodies feel worse.

Feed your body the nutrients it craves – phytonutrients – literally “plant nutrients” – by giving it wholesome ingredients in a tasty frappe alternative!

So here you go…oh, and don’t forget to download the recipe printable of this, too!

Healthy Frozen Mocha:

•10oz cold brew coffee

•14 frozen almond milk cubes.

•2 frozen coffee cubes

•3 scoops almond butter

•1 T cocoa.

•1 pump maple.

•Half of an avocado.

Blend it all up, and enjoy! Feel free to adjust ingredients to your taste preference!

Here’s a recipe/ingredient card for those of you who prefer visuals!

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~Katherine Newsom writes at Simple Natural Mama

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