5 Essential Oil Mistakes To Avoid

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Essential oils are everywhere, it seems, and with that comes and influx of information, and overwhelm. Sometimes we just don’t want to listen to all the voices, or rather we don’t know who to listen to.

So, who do we listen to? It all comes down to one thing: know your source.

You know us, natural minded research-oriented mamas… We do our research. So we should know our sources. And that’s great! Yet we still need to be careful.

Essential oils are powerful and potent… They are versatile and healing… And they’ve been around since Creation. There is a lot of wisdom to be learned – just ask any certified aromatherapist!

However, there are some beginner mistakes that are quite easy to make.

In this article, I’ll cover 5 essential oil mistakes to avoid, or rather, misconceptions to understand. (If you are looking for more of a beginner overview of essential oils, check out this article!)

These notes are taken from the Essential Oils For Beginners Book, which can be found as an ebook in the resource library for newsletter subscribers, or as a physical copy here for purchase!

1. Thinking Price Determines Quality

Many people believe that oils which come with a high price tag must be superior quality. However, this is not true at all. Some companies charge more for essential oils simply because of their name and reputation, (or they have a middleman or hierarchy to employ in the process which spikes prices), yet their oils could have the exact same chemical make-up as another less expensive brand. Know more about what you are buying, versus just the price tag.

2. Not Following Safety Guidelines

This is the most common usage mistake of all beginner essential oil users. Following safety guidelines ensures you are properly diluting oils, selecting the right types of oils and choosing the right method of application.

Always make sure that you read the warnings for each individual essential oil before use. Some essential oils can be harmful to the skin if used in high dilutions. Some essential oils are phototoxic (shouldn’t be exposed to the sun). Other essential oils are not suitable for use with children.

By following safety guidelines for use and storage, you ensure a pleasant aromatherapy experience.

P.S. On the website, click on any oil and scroll down to the details tab, where safety precautions are explained succinctly. Here is lavender as an example.

P.P.S. Here is a stellar article by a certified aromatherapist on how to use essential oils safely with kids!

3. Using Essential Oil Recipes Found Online

Many people are drawn to essential oils because of recipes found online. These recipes often promise “cure-alls” or amazing benefits. While some of these recipes might work, many of them are created by people with limited knowledge of essential oils and essential oil safety. Where or who is their source?

Before trying any recipes, do your research. Make sure the oils are safe to use, are in proper dilution, and you are using a proper method of application. If you are skeptical, consult an aromatherapist for advice prior to usage.

P.S. All of the recipes included in each monthly Simply Earth recipe box are created by certified aromatherapists (and mamas!) in house in Wisconsin. It’s a company you can trust!

4. Assuming Essential Oils Can’t Be Harmful Because They are Natural

The best way to explain this one is to think of essential oils like medicines. They have the ability to help, but also the ability to hurt if abused.

Just as medicines come with warning labels, so do essential oils. They have side effects (both good and bad), and they are not suitable for all people.

Many people believe that since essential oils come from plants and are natural, they cannot be harmful. However, essential oils are highly concentrated substances that can be quite potent. Just ask anyone who has ever gotten some eucalyptus near their eyes; it burns!

Just make sure to follow safety guidelines (as explained above) and do your homework before using essential oils.

5. Buying the wrong types of oils

Buying therapeutic-grade, pure, GC/MS-tested essential oils is the only way to ensure that you are getting what you pay for.


Don’t be fooled by companies claiming to be “therapeutic grade” or “100% pure.” Quite often, these advertise empty promises that aren’t backed by quality assurance and purity testing. Many companies will sell essential oils that have been diluted or have other additives. Although sometimes the quality, purity, and testing is there! All to say: take a second look, and see the research and testing, not just the claims, for yourself.

Further: many of these are marketing terms, so you must look into the research, quality, and ethics of a company to make an informed decision on which to purchase from. Is the company transparent on its testing and policies? (This is true for any product- including natural remedies and medicines!)

By choosing Simply Earth essential oils, you can rest assured that you are getting a high-quality, unadulterated product that is safe to use.

This information should be very transparent on their website and referenced somewhere on their profile. Look specifically for quality and purity testing – not necessarily labels.

In short: To avoid these common mistakes with essential oils, DO YOUR RESEARCH into the company you choose to buy from, and the oily influencers you get information from!

~Katherine Newsom writes at Simple Natural Mama

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