Why Moms Need A Health Coach

Today, my friend Emma O’Brien with Emma Liz Health Coaching Services is sharing about what she does— and how she can help everyday moms thrive by creating plans to give mom back the energy to care for her children.

I promise you it’s not as overwhelming as it sounds — just as a doula comes alongside a mother in labor, a health coach comes alongside her in her health and wellness journey.

I am so excited for you to learn more about her and hope it’s an encouragement –that yes, in fact, this kind of help, does exist!

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What Is A Health Coach?

A health coach is someone professionally trained to support others to live a healthier lifestyle and reach their health and wellness goals. Her role is different from that of a doctor or nurse, as health coaches cannot diagnose, treat, or prescribe patients. Instead, a health coach helps to guide and empower clients to make educated and informed decisions that benefit their health and wellness. (So much like how a doula guides and empowers clients to make informed decisions for her pregnancy and labor!)

Health coaches today are more often working in partnership with doctor’s offices, to provide patients with a more holistic care, and also to help empower the patient to take ownership of her own health.

Since the factors that impact our health and wellness are so broad, health coaches can often be found serving a large range of different audiences; For instance, a practice may focus on supporting young working moms who want to lose weight to have the energy they need to care for their family and children.

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What Do You Focus On?

In my health coaching practice, I help women in the helping professions, specifically those working for non-profits, to reclaim the quality of life and prevent burnout.

Burnout is the emotional, mental, physical, and even spiritual exhaustion that occurs when your career or work goes from something you love to something that you no longer have the desire and passion to do. If course, we all have days when we’d rather stay home than go to work, but burnout is much more serious than this. It occurs as a result of chronic workplace stress and impacts an individual’s ability to function well in their daily lives and cope with the many demands of life.

The helping professions include careers such as nurses, counselors, teachers, and moms. Helping professions are those whose work means dedicating themselves day in and day out to the well-being of others and to creating long-term, positive impact in the world. I believe those in these professions and roles are doing some of the most incredible work in the world. They give of themselves selflessly and are invested in their work from a place of passion and love, not material gain.

An unfortunately, helping professionals are among the most stressed out and burnt out individuals in our society. As someone whose career has been in the helping profession thus far, this really breaks my heart. I’ve seen others experience burnout, and have been on the verge of it myself.

Through my health coaching work, I desire to see women in the helping professions THRIVE. I desire to see them RECLAIM their why for the incredible work that they do, re-discover their God-given gifts, and CLAIM the quality of that they deserve.

Because, mamas, if we are not thriving, how in the world will we be able to continue to serve and love those around us – our children and our families?

This is my heart.

Currently I offer four different services, and each touches on a slightly different aspect of wellness. All are focused on empowering women to live a healthy and thriving life.

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Cooking Up Mindfulness

I teach clients simple, homemade recipes that are delicious ,easy to make, and budget savvy. Nourishing our bodies is key for preventing burnout. Clients have even found that because of the new skills they are able to learn through these sessions, they are able to experience more joy and thriving relationships as they cook and share meals with others.

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Shop Smarter Not Harder

I take clients on a personalized grocery shopping trip. This is one of my favorite sessions to do with clients. I help them create a shopping list according to their budget, dietary needs ,and food preferences, and then we go shopping together! I guide them in their shopping decisions, answer questions they may have, and provide suggestions for fun recipes. I love helping moms find fun ways to get their kids involved in the process too!

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Practical Priorities

I truly believe that having financial wisdom is key to successfully living a healthy lifestyle, and especially when it comes to burnout prevention. As Jesus said in Matthew 6:21, “Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also”

In these sessions, I help clients create or revamp their budgets .These sessions are particularly trans-formative for clients. Our finances reflect what we value ,and sometimes, our spending habits unintentionally may not reflect those values. I can help moms integrate their values into their spending habits, and create the kind of healthy lifestyle they desire for their families.

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Burnout Prevention

This last session offer is a 6 week coaching mastermind focused on burnout prevention. In this, I work closely with clients to help them discover their unique passions and gifting, and how God has equipped them with these passions and gifts to do His work in the world.

This mastermind empowers clients to get to the root cause of the burnout they’re experiencing, reclaims their why for the work that they do, and explore and put into action the necessary boundaries and practices that enable them to thrive in their work – all to prevent burnout in the future.

Where Can I Learn More?

If you’re interested in learning more about how you may benefit from my services, I’d absolutely love to set up a complimentary Discovery Call with you. This is a free, 45-minute phone call or video call.

Follow this link to schedule your call!

Our time together on this call will allow me to get to know you and your health needs, what services you are interest in, and for you to get to know me as your potential coach.

Emma Liz was born as raised in Southern California. She hold a Bachelor’s of Psychology and continued on to gain a Health and Wellness Coaching Certification from the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute in 2019, with a focus on families, children, and adults.

Emma has worked in the non-profit sector for over 3 years, including community and youth development ,and affordable housing. She is skilled and passionate about empowering communities and individuals to have equitable access to the resources around them, and live a life of wellness.

For fun, Emma loves to spend time with loved ones, watch Netflix, cook, and read mystery novels.

You can find more on her website here

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