What Is Kidazzler? A Guide For Moms Looking For Extra Income

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There’s a new app on the block made just for parents, by parents. It’s called Kidazzler, and it’s quickly becoming one global directory for everything kids.

This free app for your phone allows parents to add new kid-friendly businesses to the directory using Kidazzler’s private portal, and in turn earn direct residual income from their advertising efforts. It’s being built from the ground up in a completely new way, utilizing a shared revenue model.

A platform that brings parents together to build One Place for Everything Kids

A platform that will be come to “go-to” parenting resource for everyone, everywhere, for free

A platform that rewards everyone who contributes to its growth with a financial stake in what is being built together

Here are a few common questions to start with, to help get you more familiar with Kidazzler and its business model.

Can I really earn a share of Kidazzler’s ad revenues?

Yes, you can! Kidazzler is an opportunity to give everyone a fair chance to participate and earn residual income on a monthly basis for as long as the app is active. Currently the Kidazzler directory is wide open for everyone to join for free and add new listings to it using the mobile app or website.

It is very similar to everyone’s favorite childhood game, Monopoly

Just like in the game, before you were able to collect rent, build houses and hotels, you first had to go around the board and assign your name to as many places on that board as possible. The more places you had, the more you could earn as the game continues.

Kidazzler works in a very similar way.

To have a chance to earn from Kidazzler, you first need to add businesses to the directory and “Lock” them in your name.

The more businesses you “lock” in your name now, the more you can earn in the future.

How does Kidazzler make money, and how does the shared revenue model work?

Kidazzler earns revenues when businesses advertise on its platform. When businesses pay Kidazzler, Kidazzler tuns around and pays you.

You basically will earn a share of monthly advertising revenues from ALL businesses locked in your name. This is the shared revenue model in action.

Here’s a visual on how that works:

The more businesses you “lock” in your name, now , the more you’ll be able to earn in the future. as more and more businesses start to advertise in the platform.

Does it cost anything to be a part of Kidazzler and earn?

No! Kidazzler is free for consumers, and participating is free. You can earn a share of Kidazzler’s ad revenues at no cost to you, except for the time it’ll take you to “lock” you favorite kid-friendly businesses. It is the businesses who share for the ad space, and Kidazzler is simply sharing their revenue with you!

Where is Kidazzler available?

Kidazzler is ONLY available in the United States and Canada at this time. As the app and global directory grows, over time Kidazzler will be expanding to more counties worldwide.

How do I “lock” a business in Kidazzler?

“Locking” a business is free, simple and takes less than 1 minute. All you need to do is provide basic business information: name, phone number, email, and address.

That’s it! It gets “locked” in your name and no one else can add it. Then, once the business chooses to advertise with Kidazzler, if they do, you get a share of the monthly revenue from their fees. Easy peasy, right?

You can also “lock” businesses together with friends by sharing you invitation link code with them bu using the Kidazzler app. Your name is automatically “locked” to all the businesses you r friends add to Kidazzler too.

What businesses should I add and “lock” in Kidazzler?

Any and every single kid-related business, activity, merchant, and service provider in the community. This platform is meant to be the go-to kid resource directory for parents This includes big, small, one-man shops or hidden gems -fro ages birth to college – at home, or on-the-go.

Kiddazler aims to include them all, and become the frontier phone app for information on kid friendly businesses in all areas. Anything that is kid focused or family friendly should be added to Kidazzler.

Why is there a limit on how many businesses I can personally add to Kidazzler?

At this time, you able to add up to 85 businesses yourself, which once they are locked in and choose to advertise through Kidazzler, secures up to $850/month. This is the current limit, and it may change in the future.

Kidazzler is committed to its mission to “help every parent give their kids the best life possible” and this app and business model allows Kidazzler to be a community where parents are united and help each other.

Kidazzler also designed the Shared Revenue Model in a way that is an incentive for friends to help one another without the fear of losing out on revenues from businesses they didn’t add already themselves.

When you invite your friends to Kidazzler and they add their favorite businesses, your name is automatically “locked” into those businesses also.

In other words, you are able to “lock” more businesses together with friends and secure even more of our revenues that way, and there’s no limit to how many friends you can invite.

Plus, once you invite 15 friends to Kidazzler, you unlock the “Friends of Friends” bonus, which gives you even more potential.

Kidazzler is by invitation only at this time.

P.S. To take advantage of this, sign up using my unique invitation here, and be sure you are using your unique invitation link and code to invite others, which is found in your Kidazzler app.

Following is a list of types of business you can add to Kidazzler.

How many of these can you think of in your community?

  • Restaurants
  • Birthday Parties Events
  • Kids Activites & Classes
  • Kids Camps
  • Education
  • Childcare
  • Pregnancy & Babies
  • Kids Hair Salons
  • Shopping
  • Medical

…Basically, any business in the community in which kids are allowed, counts!

You can add it, lock it in your name, and if the business chooses to advertise with Kidazzler, once the app launches in the next few months, you earn a monthly share of revenue.

This is your chance to get in on the ground floor, mamas!

So tell me… when are you downloading the Kidazzler app?

~Katherine Newsom writes at Simple Natrual Mama

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