5 Reasons To Write Your Birth Story

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Childbirth is a moment in a woman’s life that is unique every time she walks through it. It is very personal, very demanding, and a pivotal moment she will remember for the rest of her life. One great way to record important moments in one’s life is to journal and document them. And the greatest way we communicate and journal events in life is through story.

Writing your story is powerful, and writing your birth story is an incredible way to heal, process, and remember your child’s birth in an empowering way.

Here are five simple and quick reasons for the importance of writing your birth story:


Writing is therapeutic – for most – truly, it is, or can be! By writing something down, you are more likely to remember it, and you are naming it. Giving experiences names is very powerful. Writing your birth story causes you to think about what happened, and in this, you process what happened.


Purpose is a big word out there, but it basically gives richer meaning to what we are walking through. By writing out your birth story, it helps you to remember why, what, how, when, etc. Purpose is defined as the reason for which something is done or exists; I’d say in this respect, it helps to illustrate that all experiences have a purpose in your life, to enrich or, or learn from it. Both of which happen during childbirth. (You grow as a person and a mother, and you learn something, too)


Memory can be a tricky thing in motherhood, as well as in heightened experiences, such as childbirth. (Ever heard of mom brain, or pregnancy brain?) Writing things down helps to remember – it’s a fairly simple concept, but it’s painfully true. By writing a story as soon as you can after it happens, you will remember it better. Remember the details, the feelings, the mundane or trauma of what happened in your birth. And learn from it.


Life is a story. Cliche, perhaps, but true. Story is how we relate to eachother as human beings, story is part of our everyday mundane, story is how we remember and recall and live. Stories are powerful and can invoke tears, laughter, frustration, and so much more. Stories are recognizable patterns, and it’s in these patterns that we find meaning. Story helps to make sense of life and the world, to help to understand one’s struggles or joys. Everything consists of story. Life is a story. Start your child’s life by writing down his or her birth story. One day, she/he may appreciate reading it and knowing the details; And surely, mama, you will, too.


Sharing is caring! Right? (LOL) Funny aside, sharing your story is powerful. Words are so powerful! Sharing your birth story helps other mothers to know they are not alone. Sharing helps to validate your own experiences. Sharing your birth story can have a ripple effect much farther than you’d ever dream. Because stories travel, and help us to know that we all experience the same feelings and things and aches and joys, to some degree or another. We live best when we live in community; sharing stories is a natural outpouring of this.

P.S. You can find my birth stories written for Mama Natural and Mother(ly), as well as an article on reflecting on my birth for Her View From Home.

What else would you add to this list? Have you written your birth story yet? It’s never too late! Write it down, mama!

~Katherine Newsom writes at Simple Natural Mama

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