Have You Ever Tried A Shampoo Bar?

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Have you ever tried a shampoo bar?

It is just like a sounds: a bar of shampoo… Made in the same way a bar of soap is formed. Except it’s formulated specifically for hair. The simple ingredients are portioned and combined with heat, then poured into the molds – which, in this case, is now more than 50% larger than the previous size available.

Simple ingredients may include:

castor oil, which may help regrow hair, thicker and longer

mango butter, to gently nourish and moisturize hair

rosemary and lavender, to help keep hair clean, healthy ,and to stimulate the scalp

and more, such as EVOO and apricot oil

Shampoo bars are extermely beneficial, especially if you are looking to ditch and switch a number of things in your home this new year.

Benefits are many, and include:

  • low-waste (no plastic bottles or wrapping)
  • easy-to-use
  • completely natural ingredients (made from plants!)
  • removes built-up residues from conventional products
  • nourishes the scalp
  • promotes healthy hair growth

If you are a natural-minded mama, then you know how hard it is to sift through the amount of greenwashing and choices available out there. It’s hard to find a truly natural option – ones that avoid junk-ingredients made in a lab, such as sodium laureth or sulfate. You want a natural hair care routine that truly works!

Shampoo bars fit that bill, by gently cleansing your scalp, without stripping it of the natural oils which keep your hair healthy. This nourishes your scalp and hair, which means that it doesn’t dry out, flake, then compensate by overproducing oil… This keeps your hair clean, longer!

A gentle and natural clean is possible with this shampoo bar.

There is an adjustment period, as with any “ditch and switch” from conventional to natural. So do keep that in mind.

Have you ever tried using a shampoo bar… or would you? You can find my favorite one HERE!

Here’s a This or That chart for comparison… which would you prefer?

~Katherine Newsom writes at Simple Natural Mama

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