A Fresh Start For A New Year

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I received a copy of the Fresh Start Bible to review and share about as being a part of the launch team this past December. You can view my post in Instagram all about it – the giveaway has since ended.

A new year inevitably comes with new year’s resolutions, and perhaps a word/theme of the year to focus on for growth. Often times, we start a yearly Bible reading plan, with every intention to read cover to cover this year – this is the one! – yet it goes to the wayside come March…or whichever month down the road.

It sure is hard to stick to those new years resolutions. We are human, after all. But here’s some thought – keep learning, and keep growing, anyway. Continue to take inventory of what gives you life, and what doesn’t.

For us moms, this may look like how we spend our time, how we speak to our kids, what we read, what we do. What exactly do our minutes of our days look like, and how do we feel about it?

Read this: With a new year, comes a fresh start.

Every day is a new day, often considered a fresh start.

Let today be the day you finish reading the gospels through rather than pick up a magazine in your fringe minutes.

Let today be the day for a fresh start in your motherhood, and make life-giving choices for you and your kids.

Let today be the day you choose to spend your time with whom and doing what brings you life.

Reading our Bibles is one way to do that each and every day, in the new year, and beyond. It’s a necessity for us Christian moms, to refuel by spending time in the Word. That time will never be a regret, I can guarantee that.

If you are needing motivation or direction on where to start…

The Fresh Start Bible from Gateway Publishing can help you with just that!

The Fresh Start Bible is a beautiful softcover linen NLT Bible which released recently from Gateway Publishing. There are a multitude of additional study materials included within, including:

  • maps and charts
  • topical lists
  • devotions
  • key people and events
  • cultural and historical reference
  • leader guide for small groups
  • …and more

Mama, do yourself a favor and pick up your Bible this new year, choosing a fresh start, a refresh in your faith.

Find a reading plan, grab a journal, and make a plan on how and when you will spend your time in the Word.

And don’t forget to pick up your copy of the Fresh Start Bible here!

~Katherine Newsom writes at Simple Natural Mama

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