Introducing A New Podcast: Chosen, Birth + Faith With A Doula Lens

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Dear readers, let me just get right to it. I have some wonderful news!

I am launching a podcast, which is coming Tuesday, January 21st!

Y’all, that’s only TEN days away! Yes, it’s fast and furious, yes, it’s quite brave (and frankly, uncharacteristic of me, to be so bold) but sometimes that’s the way everything falls.

I can’t believe I’m doing this, because it’s something I never thought I would ever do,let alone be brave enough to put myself out there on AUDIO. You will get to hear my voice! I wonder what you will think of it?

But, there’s no question about it – there have been too many instances which have affirmed this next right thing, too many to count.

When something like this comes to mind, you simply cannot ignore it. Thus, I am launching a podcast!

Would you like to hear more about it?

CHOSEN is a podcast on Birth + Faith through the eyes of a doula, coming to a podcast listening player near you, each Tuesday, beginning January 21st.

For the first season of CHOSEN: Birth + Faith through a Doula lens, in 8 episodes, we will explore:

(Episode 01) What it means to be CHOSEN for childbearing, 1/21
(Episode 02) How being CHOSEN transforms your pregnancy, 1/28
(Episode 03) Why being CHOSEN prompts us to better understand childbirth, 2/4
(Episode 04) How being CHOSEN affects how we experience labor, 2/11
(Episode 05) How knowing we are CHOSEN prompts us to share our stories of birth, 2/18
(Episode 06) How CHOSEN affects our experiences of loss and grief, 2/25
(Episode 07) How CHOSEN causes us to lean into our village for rest and renewal with a fresh babe, 3/3
(Episode 08) How CHOSEN affects our understanding of birth, throughout Biblical times and today, 3/10

In these 8 episodes, the famous lyric from Bethel music will ring true:

“From my mother’s womb, you have CHOSEN me, Love has called my name.”

Text CHOSEN to (202) 410-4202 to be updated on new content via email, and join us on your favorite podcast listening app on January 21st (pending approval!) for the first episode!

Plus, Be sure to sign up for the mailing list to stay in the loop of launch date, episodes, and more!

Episodes will be archived on this landing page yes, the information on the landing page is much of the same as this article! The main difference is the archive of episodes with links on where to listen.

Episodes will also be available on your favorite podcast player, such as Spotify, Anchor, and PocketCasts. (more platforms pending approval)

In fact, the Trailer is currently available on the platforms mentioned here… You can listen to it via: Anchor | Spotify | PocketCasts

One last note: there is room for you at the table, if you want to be an active part of this conversation. I would be honored, and so happy to have you in the inside/launch team!

This isn’t just for launch, but for continuing the conversation and reflecting on the episodes, as well as how we see ourselves as Chosen in light of our own birth narratives, as reality and experience collides with faith and Christ.

We are meeting in a Facebook group, which you can find here.

~Katherine Newsom writes at Simple Natural Mama

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