A Birth Playlist For The CHOSEN Mama

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There are so many things to consider as you prepare for labor and childbirth. Finding the right support persons, choosing a place to have your baby, choosing your providers, deciding the kind of atmosphere you want… And one of the things we can control in this is the background noise. Notably, the music.

Creating a playlist for labor is many times overlooked but incredibly important for moms who want a satisfying, calming labor experience…as much as it’s possible, that is! Music and lyric are such an important part of being human… notes and words are how we communicate, relate to each other, and heal.

By listening to music in labor, you are choosing to take charge of your part, of what you can control, in labor. There isn’t truly a way to know what will happen, other than labor generally following a progression and stages, but there are facets of the pivotal day which we can have more influence in than we realize. So we listen to music, shift the atmosphere, and choose to focus, in the moment.

Listening to music during labor may help you to relax, reduce anxiety, and provide a positive distraction source in the midst of contractions.

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Listening to worship music during labor does all of the above… and it grounds you in Christ… Having a worship playlist for labor is a wonderful supplement to having biblical affirmation cards and verses memorized or recited during it. What we speak to ourselves matters. What we listen to matters. What we take in during labor – whether it’s the food or drink, the location, the people, the words surrounding us, the feelings we respond to, the thoughts we focus on… it all influences how we experience labor. It all influences how fearful or empowered we feel during labor. And it all matters.

Labor is not easy – no matter what you do to prepare, nor what type of birth or support you have. It can be painful, stressful, overwhelming, exhilarating, peaceful, or anything in-between. Yet when music enters the picture, things change. Music is one thing which is familiar in the unknown of labor, even comforting, and soothing. Your music playlist for labor can be mellow and calming, or it can be uplifting, powerful, and upbeat – much of this depends on where you are during the labor, transition, and birth process.

Do your part in what you can control in labor, and choose a labor playlist, to focus your heart and mind on God’s truth for you in this precious, pivotal, life-changing time.

Below, I embedded a playlist called CHOSEN – made to accompany my podcast episodes, for mothers preparing for labor. Each of these songs remind me of labor and birth in some way, whether it’s the lyric, the pace, the sound, or the mental images which come to mind upon listening. You can click the image to follow the link to your Spotify app, and add it to your preferred playlists, as well.

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~Katherine Newsom writes at Simple Natural Mama

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