Episode 02 // How Being Chosen Transforms Your Pregnancy

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Hi, and welcome to the CHOSEN podcast, where we explore birth + faith with a doula lens.  I am your host, Katherine Newsom, writer + doula at Simple Natural Mama.com. 

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Episode 02: How Being CHOSEN Transforms Your Pregnancy——

Dear Pregnant Mama,

Pregnancy can be so difficult and we can so easily forget just how amazing pregnancy is .How amazing it is to know that you are chosen by God for this precious season, as well as how that transforms the way you think of and walk through your pregnancy, in faith.. 

If you’re feeling sick, discouraged, or down about the physical or emotional symptoms that so often come along with pregnancy, let me help encourage you. And let me share with you, how being chosen transforms your pregnancy…

What a marvelous thought it is, when we allow ourselves to dwell on it;  to know that God entrusted a little person’s life to you. That He is molding a child, made in His image, in your womb? A new life. Just sit in this thought for a few minutes – what an incredible gift, and honor this is, to be invited into God’s design for new life… It is grace, and it is a miracle… That we are invited into the process of God’s creation, and in it, we become the vessel for His miracle.

Pregnancy is that life-giving vessel, a nine-month journey and walk into a new reality for your family. Seeing your pregnancy in the light of the gospel absolutely changes the way you view it. Because the little miracle – the new life in the womb – was chosen by God for your family at this exact time; And you, mama, were chosen by God to enter in to the process of housing, of becoming a vessel of one of His miracles – a precious child.

That child whose heart beats at just 14 days from conception, before you can even confirm a positive pregnancy test. That child, who is the reason for your morning sickness and crackers in your purse, the new life your body is currently sustaining, by God’s grace, is such a beautiful gift. New life is redemptive, and new life is grace.

Let’s explore more on how Scripture transforms your pregnancy;

 We all know that God values life, as the psalmist confirms this and declares in Psalm 139:13

“For you formed my inner parts; You knitted me together in my mother’s womb.” 

It is in the secret place, inside a mother’s womb, that new life is created.

There is also confirmation of this throughout the Bible. Consider Luke 1. When Mary found out she was pregnant with Jesus, the coming Savior. She left for her cousin Elizabeth’s home for a number of months. Upon her arrival, something spectacular happened that brings pregnancy into a gospel light:

“And when Elizabeth heard the greeting of Mary, the baby leaped in her womb. And Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit.” (Luke 1:41, ESV)

This baby grew up to be John the Baptist, Jesus’ older cousin who “paved the way for the Lord” and baptized Jesus at the beginning of His earthly ministry (Matthew 3:13-17). Knowing you are chosen, just as Mary and Elizabeth were, transforms how you view your pregnancy.

God values pregnancy, as He values His children, from the moment of conception unto their last breath on this side of eternity. Jesus knew this well, as He is at once human and fully God come to earth; His life and ministry outlined in the gospels shows this value to be true. 

If we continue to look at pregnancy through a Gospel lens, we learn that there is great joy to be had in the process, notably in us being invited into God’s process of creation, as a vessel for His glory to be made known.

The gospel takes the uncomfortable moments of pregnancy and redeems the picture for us. 

The gospel turns the picture of pregnancy into one of promise, of a new life. The gospel redeems pregnancy; It is no longer nine months of a woman’s life to be feared or stuck in discontent for how our bodies our changing (for better or worse – considering stretch marks!)

In light of the redemption of the cross, we can exchange our sometimes negative views of pregnancy for ones of grace.

Because of the cross, discomfort for a growing belly is now seen as grace for a fruitful womb.

“Morning sickness” woes are seen as glory that pregnancy is progressing as God designed, and our bodies are housing new life.

Stretch marks are transformed into “battle wounds,” as evidence left long after our child is born to life.

More frequent bathroom breaks due to our ever-increasing belly are no longer seen as interruptions to our everyday, but as welcome minutes of respite, reminders to take a breath and pray for our child growing and what God is doing in our lives.

The onset of labor is seen as a gift and invitation into God’s creative process, a pivotal moment in one’s life, rather than a fearful emergency – Because in all this, we know Jesus walks with us. Yes, throughout pregnancy, and yes, even in labor.

Jesus Is Present With You

By His presence, we have no reason to fear. By the grace of Jesus Christ, our pregnancy is redeemed as celebration. We are no longer walking through our days leading to motherhood in fear, but in daily communion and prayer with Jesus Christ, knowing that He will carry us through the pivotal events to come.

The Gospel Transforms Pregnancy

The gospel redeems and transforms pregnancy, and our lives are proof of this. You are CHOSEN for this season, mama. Know this well.

In light of the cross, the fear of pregnancy is replaced with Truth of what Jesus is doing in us and through us – as vessels for His creation. He transforms our lives with salvation. If or when He blesses us with childbearing, He will transform us through it. He is faithful.

(For those of us who have experienced loss, I will speak to this in episode 6 – please do not be discouraged!)

Pregnancy in light of the gospel is an honor and a gift, and Jesus celebrates every new life with us – from conception to birth and beyond.

// Let us end with a biblical affirmation for labor: God, you have given us this child and You have chosen the perfect time to bring him into the world. You have planned all the days of my baby’s life already, including this one. My baby’s labor is no surprise to You. This is based on Psalm 139:16 which states, “Your eyes saw my unformed body; all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.”

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~Katherine Newsom writes at Simple Natural Mama

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