Episode 03 // How Being Chosen Prompts Us To Better Understand And Prepare For Childbirth

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 Hi, and welcome to the CHOSEN podcast, where we explore birth + faith with a doula lens.  I am your host, Katherine Newsom, writer + doula at Simple Natural Mama.com. 

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Episode 03: How Being CHOSEN Prompts Us To Better Understand And Prepare For ChildBirth——

Did you know that you are chosen by God for this precious season, that of bringing new life into the world? While it’s obvious that women were created biologically to bear children to carry on His nation, it can be easy to forget. Easy to forget this incredible privilege, one which honors God and empowers the birthing mother. You are wonderfully made by God, and He does not make mistakes. You are chosen by Him, and a natural response is to better understand this task He set before you.

We further honor God when we do this, as we choose to trust God with our bodies in labor, and in the innate capabilities He designed us with. Yet it can easily get hazy, looking at a biblical understanding for childbirth. Much has changed in the way women and birth has been viewed over time, and we also have so much to learn. There is still an aura of mystery surrounding childbirth, despite the technologies and advancements, so much which is still unknown on the details, the when and how. Mystery is sustained, as well as the discomforts common in pregnancy and labor. What we cannot control is further put into a box in an attempt to reign in on the process, a man-made antidote to fear of God’s design. And in this we limit ourselves.

So we learn, and we study. And knowing that we are chosen by God for this season, means that we must also understand the process of birth He created. For there is power in knowledge, and there is impeccable strength in God’s design. This prompts us to better prepare for this season, of pregnancy and childbirth. So we learn, and we study.

To put it in a greater biblical light, we can see childbirth as God’s mercy for us. For in Genesis, we read that God chose to give Adam and Eve the gift to multiply, even after sinning against Him, although they deserved death. God chose life in the Garden, and He continues to choose life for us today, as He invites us directly into the birth process, in how He created and designed women. As Gloria Furman wrote once for the Gospel Coalition, birth is a precious gift from a holy and just God.

You are chosen by God for this season, and in childbirth, you are invited into the process, to become a conduit for His creation, a new life of a precious child in your family…in God’s family. This season can bend your heart toward Him, and cause celebration for your part and purpose in childbirth – no matter the type of birth you are planning for or have had.

And as you continue to celebrate your part in birth, you naturally, continue to learn about birth. About the physiological process, the stages and progression of labor, the common discomforts in pregnancy, or different support persons, positions or biblical affirmations or even distractions to aide you in your labor. Knowing your part in birth prompts you to better understand and prepare for labor and childbirth itself. Knowing that God chose you for this season shifts your view on childbirth from one of fear to one of faith, from one of anxiety to one of peace, from one of anger to one of joy. It is truly possible! By learning of birth to prepare yourself, and in turn learning that you are in fact chosen for this season, you are celebrating your role and purpose in birth by seeking what God says about women, about childbirth, and most importantly, about Himself.

The noise in our world today surrounding a fear-based culture of childbirth can be silenced by the overwhelming peace and knowledge which Christ bestows on us, as He chose us for this season. It is too easy to fall into the trap of worldly thinking, that of birth being something to suffer through… Rather, it is something to marvel at. In fact, Scripture is teeming with metaphor relating birth to God and His chosen nation, Israel. Yes, the nation of Israel, which He chose in order to further His kingdom on earth. And He continues to choose us, by the grace of Christ. By learning of this greater arc in Scripture, that of the metaphor of birth and how God truly seeks His people, we only enhance our own peace in the process He designed. 

And we continue to seek His wisdom in preparing for birth… By learning of the physiology of birth, the stages of labor, the ways our bodies and each stage and minute of labor was designed by our very detailed creator God, we continue to marvel in faith, rather than fear. 

Isn’t that what we all want, at our core? Not just to “grit our teeth and get through it” but to ease our fears and anxieties, to seek God and keep Him center in labor, as a child fresh from Him crowns earthside. Birth is a miracle and mystery all at once, and in this we are invited into God’s greater narrative.

In this, we understand we are chosen, and further seek His wisdom in how He designed our bodies and the birth process itself. An expectant mother armed with knowledge and faith, in this also has a powerful antidote to fear. A birth worker who seeks to learn of her profession in a biblical light, gives a gift to each client…that of walking alongside, as a professional and a friend in faith, and meeting her needs in this precious time. 

There is something significant about mothers in birth and the women who come alongside to support them. Each individual birth is a moment like no other in history, as birth is unique each time a mother encounters it, that between here and not-yet, progressing in the stages of labor, each moment closer to meeting her child, her gift.

Being chosen prompts us to better understand and prepare for childbirth.Whether it’s in reading birth stories, learning the physiological process a woman’s body undergoes in birth, in hiring a doula and selecting your support persons, or asking all the questions when seeing your provider… The more we learn, the more our faith sparks, and the more prepared we are for this truly life-changing season.

// Let us end with a biblical affirmation for labor: My body is fearfully and wonderfully made, and it is designed to give birth. I trust God, who does not make mistakes; Who designed my body and created childbirth itself. This is based on Psalm 139:14 which states, “I praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Your works are wonderful, I know that full well.

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