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Creativity + Rest Go Hand In Hand

iola magazine – 6/13/2020

Staying Grounded In A Trying Postpartum

Grounded Women’s Conference – 4/6/2020 – 4/8/2020

6 Things To Do When You Have A Grumpy Toddler 

Christ-Centered Mama – 3/22/2020

Chapter: “Anchor In The Storm – Katherine’s Postpartum Story”

Supported In Postpartum: Stories Of Rejuvenating Wisdom, compiled by Maranda Bower of Serenity Grows – 12/21/2019

The Oils Of Christmas

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My Brave Women Story

Becky Beresford – 12/14/2019

Self-Care In The Postpartum Period

Jen Roland – 11/4/2019

When Birth Didn’t Go As Planned

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My birth story: I gave birth in a car

Mother(ly) – 10/18/2019

The Importance Of Being Christ-Like In Motherhood

Lo Tanner – 10/15/2019

5 Faith-Filled Lessons You Teach Your Kids When You Declutter

Christ-Centered Mama – 9/22/2019

God is in the grief of unmet expectations

Her View From Home – 9/18/2019

CULTIVATE: Applying Natural Solutions, Coconut Oil Edition (Print)

 Applying Natural Solutions: 60 Everyday Uses For Coconut Oil (Blog Post)

The Joyful Life Magazine – 8/30/2019

The Choices We Make – Honoring Ourselves, Honoring God

Medium – 8/24/2019

14 Christian Mom Blogs You Should Be Reading

Cleo Madison – 5/24/19

Dear Pregnant Mama, The Gospel Transforms Your Pregnancy

Christ Centered Mama – 4/21/2019

Original Heartwarming Quotes About Being A Mom

Chicken Scratch Diaries – 3/22/2019

Simple Natural Mama

How A Broken Woman Becomes Beautiful Again

The Elephant Journal – 3/7/2019


Freedom Stories: Freedom In Progress

Heather Lobe- 1/31/2019

Reading Books About Labor and Birth Is One Of The Best Things Katherine Did During Her Natural Car Birth

Mama Natural – 12/27/2018