Write For Simple Natural Mama

Simple Natural Mama is the Home for natural minded mamas of faith who like to keep things simple. We use blogging and social media to share all facets of this life with others and believe it to be powerful and effective means of communication.

Write for SNM

  1. Please provide an original piece, not appearing on any other blog or website (including your own).
  2. Simple Natural Mama will promote your piece on social media and will make a Pinterest image for your article.
  3. Provide a 3 or 4 sentence biography of yourself that includes at least 2 Social Media channels of your own.  From these links, you will get traffic to either your blog, your social media, or both.
  4. Edits or elaborations to better fit the SNM audience might be required and will be done via email.

Guidelines for Writing

  1. We write keeping paragraphs short with powerful sentences. Recommended length is 600-1200 words.
  2. At Simple Natural Mama, we are a home for moms of faith, which means that as Christians, we may cite one or more verses in our writing. (Per the authors discretion!) The Bible is God’s word given to us! Please include what translation of the Bible you are referring from.
  3. If you have your own blog, please make a “teaser” post (1-3 paragraphs on your own blog) that links to the guest post here on SNM.

If you wish to have your writing featured on Simple Natural Mama, we are seeking writings on the following topics:

  1. Mothering in the mundane
  2. Gentle/Intentional Parenting
  3. Natural (crunchy) mama life
  4. Tiny living/downsizing/simplicity
  5. Farming/gardening
  6. Any of the above with a Christian lens

Some of these are very broad, and cover so much! Email me for more questions or information. I look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you so much for considering joining us!

Would you like to write for Simple Natural Mama?

Email katherinelnewsom@yahoo.com